Position Models


Murphy & Company’s proprietary Position Models provide explicit and timely signals for entering or exiting positions in a wide variety of equity and commodity exchange traded futures contracts. Our Position Model products offer the fund manager, financial advisor, or independent investor a powerful and independent confirmation of market trend in the equity, energy, metals, or agricultural sectors. Our goal is to help you generate higher returns while lowering risks.

About the Position Models:

The Position Models are based on technical inputs only, that is, no fundamental supply/demand information is utilized. Proprietary algorithms determine position entry and exit, there are no discretionary inputs. In order to enter a new long or short position, four technical hurdles must be simultaneously triggered. Only one technical hurdle is required to exit an open position. Each model is synchronized with market activity on a daily basis. The Position Models are designed to identify and initiate positions to capture substantial market trends.

Historical performance information for each Position Model can be found below.

Benefits of using Murphy & Company’s Position Models may include:

  • improved returns from better hedge  or position performance
  • trader or trading organization benchmarking
  • independent opinion on market trend
  • supporting evidence of hedge activity from a compliance perspective

Historical Performance Data Sheets for the Position Models:

Sector Commodity Futures Contract Symbol Download
Equities S&P 500 E-mini S&P500 ES Equity Data Sheet
NASDAQ 100 E-mini NASDAQ 100 NQ
Nikkei 225 Nikkei 225 Dollar NK
Energy Crude Oil Light Sweet Crude Oil CL Energy Data Sheet
Heating Oil NY Harbor ULSD HO
RBOB Gasoline RBOB Gasoline RB
Natural Gas Henry Hub Natural Gas NG
Metals Gold Gold GC Metals Data Sheet
Silver Silver SI
Platinum Platinum PL
Copper Copper HG
Ag/Softs Corn Corn C AgSofts Data Sheet
Soybean Soybean S
Coffee Coffee C KC
Sugar Sugar No. 11 SB
Wheat Wheat W
Rough Rice Rough Rice RR

For more information regarding the application of Murphy & Company’s Position Model products, contact us at 602 363 0802.