Month: April 2014

Soybean … Consolidation Mode

Soybean futures (symbol: S) have spent the better part of the last decade in rally mode, trading near the $4/bushel level in 2001 to nearly $18/bushel in 2012. Since the Sep12 high of $17.9475, beans have been in consolidation mode,

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Wheat … Holding Gains!

Wheat futures (symbol: W) have rallied nicely from the $5.50/bushel level at the end of Jan14. Even more impressive is the manner in which Wheat has spent the last 4 weeks consolidating, AND holding on to much of the gains

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Coffee … Substantial Bullish Potential, Short Term Overbought

Coffee C futures (symbol: KC) have rallied from the $1.0095/lb support level on 07Nov13 to $2.1320/lb as of this writing on 22Apr14. The price action is impulsive and occurs on the back of strong volume and higher volatility. Although overbought

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Silver … Holding Support

Silver futures (symbol: SI) have experienced a large, yet choppy, sell off from its $49.82 high of Apr11. The movement down to $18.185 in Jun13 represents a 76% retracement, a common retracement target. The Jun13 retracement also tested, and failed

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NASDAQ 100 … Stick a fork in it already!

The following chart of the NASDAQ 100 E-mini futures contract (symbol: NQ) speaks for itself. (Hint: check out the stochastic and RSI indicators.) Murphy & Co’s NASDAQ 100 E-mini  model is currently flat, holding no position.  To learn more about

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