Silver … Where’s Support?

Silver futures (symbol: SI) have broken down through critical support at the $18.185/oz level. This follows a ‘false breakout’ in Jun14, resulting in the creation of another new major downtrend line. So where does the next major level of support exist? At the $14.81 and the $8.50/oz levels.

Silver Chart, 24Oct14

Silver is in the process of retracing the major top of $45.82 achieved in Apr11. We expected the $18.185 level to hold support, it didn’t. Here’s what we’re looking for to confirm the silver has finally found support:

  1.  continued volatility moderation – the 35 week moving avg back to the 0.70 level
  2. slow stochastics back below the 20% level
  3. RSI below the 30 level – currently at 35.12
  4. trade back above the newest major downtrend line – approximately $18.84 as of this writing

Patience to those wanting to buy.

Murphy & Co’s Silver model is currently short from the $20.886 level.  To learn more about Murphy & Co’s position models, visit

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