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US Natural Gas Storage Fill … Challenge On!

The US Natural Gas industry has a challenge – refill working gas in storage to pre-winter levels by the first week of November. That’s no small order. Let’s take a look at the US Lower 48 working gas in storage

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Consolidation Overload!

Portfolio managers across the globe will tell you they’d take a trending market any day over a market in consolidation. Markets in consolidation are difficult to trade, especially for the hedger. Prices will often provide false breakouts while volatility and

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Silver … Building a Base

Silver futures (symbol: SI) have experienced a large, yet choppy, sell off from its $49.82 high of Apr11. The movement down to $18.185 in Jun13 represents a 76% retracement, a common retracement target. The Jun13 retracement also tested, and failed

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