Month: February 2014

NatGas Update … Classic Price Action

NatGas futures (symbol: NG) exhibited classic price action with a swift pullback from the $6.493/MMBtu level achieved 24Feb14 to today’s current low print of $4.441/MMBtu. The roll from the Mar14 to the Apr14 contract created a small gap on the

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Wheat … Patience, Keep Your Powder Dry

Wheat futures (symbol: W) continues in consolidation mode.  A potential buying opportunity is on the horizon, however, we believe it is from lower levels. Patience is required. Wheat continues to trade lower in the channel originating with the high of

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Natural Gas Targets Achieved

NatGas Futures (symbol: NG) reached the $6.40/MMBtu level on 20Feb14, surpassing our expectation of a test of the $6.11 level. We believe a new bull market is currently emerging in the US natural gas sector, however, further gains may be

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Coffee … Impressive Reversal

Coffee C futures (symbol: KC) have rallied from the $1.0095/lb support level on 07Nov13 to $1.7570/lb as of 20Feb14 in an impulsive manner, with higher volatility and strong volume. Recall our 12Feb14 article ‘Coffee Rally to Test $1.50 Level’  ( “….. trend

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No. 11 Sugar … Poised for a Rally

After three solid years of consolidation, No. 11 Sugar futures (symbol: SB) appears poised for a rally. Sugar prices peaked in Feb11 at $0.3608/lb, falling 61% to $0.1407/lb in Jan14. A rally looks probable given the following observations: prices have

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