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Crude Oil – Critical Support Levels

In our 30Sep13 post “Petroleum Complex Poised for a Move”, we identified the $98.25 support as critical for crude oil. Quoting directly from that post: “Crude Oil has broken above the downtrend initiated by its all-time 2008 high. Critical points of

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Coffee Prices …… Exhausted

Between May07 to May11, the Coffee C market rallied from approximately $1.00/lb to over $3.06/lb. Today, Coffee has pulled back to $1.14/lb, a 93% retrace of the May11 high. Ironically, one word best describes the current coffee market … exhausted!

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Gov’t Shutdown’s One-Two Punch on US Refiners

US Crude Oil inventories, excluding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), rose 6.8 million barrels during the week ended 04Oct13.  The total of all US stocks (crude oil, refined products and the SPR) rose by 1.8 million barrels over the same

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US Solar Infographic

U.S. Solar Market Insight Report

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