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Petroleum Complex Poised for a Move

Crude Oil and Refined Products have been in a trading range for 2 1/2 years, since Apr11. During that timeframe, prices have been supported by spurts of good economic news or middle east unrest, only to be reversed with bouts

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S&P 500 Warning Signs

Some suggest the S&P 500 move from the Mar09 bottom is the result of economic recovery, others sight excessive monetary stimulation. Regardless, its been an impressive run. The fact of the matter is nothing lasts forever, and the S&P 500

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US Crop Progress and Condition

Corn and Soybean crop condition are better than last year, harvest is dependent upon fall weather patterns. Approximately 71% of the rice crop is reported in good to excellent condition, with the harvest slightly behind average.   Pasture and Range

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Copper Consolidation “Getting Long in the Tooth”

Since trading above the $4.50 mark in Feb11, Copper has been in consolidation mode. The classic diagonal triangle consolidation has twice tested, and thus far held, the $3.00 price level. Volatility levels have moderated. Copper will continue trading within the

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Sugar Showing Signs of Bottoming

Sugar No.11 is beginning to show signs of a bottoming process. A review of the weekly chart for Sugar No.11 reveals the markets are beginning to challenge the downturn in prices which started in Feb11. Three observations on the Sugar

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